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One of the oldest festivals of Mizoram is the Chapchar Kut. This annual harvest festival bears immense cultural significance. It is celebrated in March with great gaiety and pomp for one whole week.

It marks the preparation ahead of the sowing season’s onset, and is observed when the trees and bamboos are cut down, jungles are cleared, and the land is made ready for shifting-cultivation. Disputes and differences between individuals are settled before the festival begins.

Individuals from different tribes, ages, and classes gather to take part in this festival. The major celebrations involve traditional dance and folk music. Different tribes, clad in their traditional attire, participate in various music and dance contents.

One of the major attractions of this festival is the bamboo dance where Mizo damsels dance gracefully stepping in and out of the bamboos being rhythmically tapped on the ground by the men folks. The festival is a feast for the eyes too. People dressed in vibrant color outfits and adorned with hats made of feathers and beads are seen everywhere.

Abundant supply of home brewed liquor and meat, and night-long merciful dancing are the highlights of the Chapchar Kut festival. 

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