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The Confusion About The History Of Ink

Up till now it was believed that the ink that was used for writing was basically carbon-based. But a study in the University of Copenhagen have brought forward that the balck ink that was used in the 2000-year old fragments also had copper. Copper has never been identified in any ancient ink before this.

To be sure about this, the papyri fragments were investigated with advanced synchrotron radiation based X-ray microscopy equipments. After the investigation, there were particles found in the ink that indicated that they were the by-products of the copper extraction carried out in the sulphurous ores.

Even after all these investigation, the researchers say that the copper containing inks did not show any important difference which could be used to relate them to time periods or geographical location.

With all this confusion, all we can do is wait and see how the investigation turns out to be.

Written By- Srishti Anand

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