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The Earth’s Lookalikes

Seven earth sized planets have been identified in a solar system. It is being said that these three planets which orbit around its central star, called TRAPPIST-1, may be suitable for life. The planets are deemed to be a good for existence of alien.

The discovery of this big solar system also suggests the presence of many more planets similar to earth. The star- TRAPPIST-1, is about the size of Jupiter and is comparatively cooler that the sun. Being present just 39 light years away in the constellation Aquarius, it is earth’s neighbour.

It is being said that if the planets are similar to the earth, they may also be having oceans of liquid water. The mass of these planets varies from about half to 1.5 times the mass of earth. Further research also suggested that six of the planets present in the solar system there are rocky, just like the earth.

Researchers are working out on finding if these planets have an atmosphere like earth, which is suitable for life. They are trying to establish if the planets have an environment which is neither too cold nor too hot i.e. “The Goldilocks’ Zone”.


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