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The Famous Art of Shabha- Vedha or Sonic Archery

The present day technology has been of immense help in the sense of hearing especially used for guiding missiles, sonar detection, heat detection and laser guidance methods nowadays.

The truth is that our ancestors were already well versed with this technique. This technique was known as SHABDHAVEDHA in ancient times. In the present day it is called Sonic Archery. It means to aim at an invisible source of sound.  The Hindu Mythology talks a lot about this. King Dasaratha, Arjuna and Ekalavya were the ones who mastered this art. They were referred to as Shabdha-Vedhi. King Dasaratha aimed the Shabdha Vedha when he heard the sound of water entering in a vessel. He presumed that there was an elephant but actually it was Sravana kumar. As per the Mahabharata, Arjuna used the Shabdha Vedha so as to make the Gandharva, named Chitrasena, surrender. The Mahabharata also depicts Ekalavya’s art of hitting at the source of sound without even seeing it. He aimed seven arrows into Pandava’s dog’s mouth without hurting it. It was after this that Guru Dronacharya asked for Eklavya’s right thumb as Guru Dakshina. Also, the famous Rajput King PrithviRaj Chauhan was a master of this art. He aimed at Mohamad Ghor, while being blind folded and hearing the direction of sound.

By: Anuja Arora


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