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The Fun – Loving Activity: Equestrianism

Equestrianism is also known as riding, horseback riding (American) or horse riding (British). It basically refers to the skill of riding, driving or steeple chasing. The broad description of Equestrianism combines the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, recreational activities, artistic or cultural acts and competitive sport.

Some of the popular types of competition are shown together at horse shows where horses perform in a variety of disciplines. In almost every corner of world, there is a public access to horse trails. Both guided and independent riding is offered by many parks, ranches and public stables. Horses are also used for therapeutic purposes to improve human health and emotional development. Though there are not exact dates of when horse riding started but they were first ridden approximately in 3500 BC.

The events related to equestrianism were included for the first time in 1900 in modern Olympic Games. Equestrian Events at Olympics are governed by the norms of the International Federation of Equestrian Sports (FEI).

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Wikipedia

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