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The Hawk Eye Technology

For all those who were born yesterday, understanding the hawk eye can be a complex thing, but still we are here to help you with it.  So let’s get started with it.

What is Hawk Eye?

Hawk Eye was recently bought by Sony and is no more run by ICC. It is a technology that is used in cricket which allows one to understanding the angles & distance of where a ball goes once it pitches. One of the important uses of hawk eye is when there is a case of LWB,  where the viewers can see the virtual path of where the ball travelled after being pitched and get a final idea of whether the batman should be judged as LWB or not.

How it works?

The set up includes six high speed vision processing cameras along with two broadcast cameras. When a ball is delivered the position of the ball is recorded in each camera and is combined to form a virtual path of the ball’s positions after it was delivered. The whole delivery is broken into two parts according to the bounce and bounce impact. Multiple frames and positions of the ball are taken into measurement and using that the direction, speed, swing, dip, etc. of the ball are calculated and the result is decided.

By: Srishti Anand


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