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The Larger Health Benefits of Wrestling Sport

Parents can instill a sense of great life skills and physical fitness into their child by teaching them the sport of wrestling. Here are few mental and physical health benefits of playing wrestling given by Samir Becic and Health Fitness Revolution.

Wrestling involves different age groups and weight classes so that everybody can participate in it. The sport does not discriminate anyone on someone’s age or weight. It teaches people how to overcome obstacles and challenges of life by further making them mentally strong enough to take on the world. It tones the body by giving an opportunity of total body workout. The pushing and pulling motions work for the entire body and the motions in a squatted position work a great deal for legs. The continuous practice of wrestling develops both functional strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Since there are weight classes, thus taking proper nutrition in diet is also well taught. It helps in burning a lot of calories. One six-minute match of this sport can burn around 400 calories. Thus, one should practice wrestling to enjoy larger health benefits.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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