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The Leading Basketball Manufacturers

A basketball is a sport that is played with a spherical ball. Basketballs are usually designated for indoor or all-surface use. They are mainly made of leather or absorbent composites. The first official basketballs were made of leather panels that were stitched together with a rubber bladder from inside. The first company who is known to produce a basketball for official use was Spalding. Mr. A.G. Spalding was the founder of “Spalding” that was used for playing in the last years of the 19th century.

Since then the company has been producing basketballs. Since 1983 the company has been producing the NBA’s official game. The Basketballs for Women's National Basketball Association and NBA Development League were also made by Spalding. It also authorized to become the official provider for both the Euroleague and Eurocup competitions in 2012.

The company also became the NBL (Australia) supplier in 2010. A Japanese company named “Molten” is a sporting goods manufacturer, provides game balls for- All FIBA world championships, events of FIBA Asia, and VTB United League. Wilson Sporting Goods is a yet another name who is the official ball supplier of all NCAA postseason matches. Some other companies namely Rawlings, Nike, and Nivia are the companies that supplies official balls for Basketball tournaments worldwide. Nivia was one of the official partners of 2015 National Games for basketball of India. The manufacturers take care of the quality of the balls.


By-Anita Aishvarya

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