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The Leading lady: Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza, a leading professional tennis player and currently ranked No. 1 in the women's doubles rankings, started playing at the age of six. Today the World recognizes Sania as the most successful female Indian tennis player ever. That is not all, Sania’s love and passion for tennis have recorded her name among one of the highest-paid and high-profile athletes in the country.

The country also has a tennis academy after Sania’s name, which is located in Telangana. The academy works with the aim of nurturing aspiring tennis players with the world class tennis training. Sania Mirza Tennis academy was established in 2013, and offers professional mentoring to its students.

After winning eight tournaments, including a Grand Slam, Sania became one of the victorious tennis players. However, she never stops her winning zeal and expects more Grand slams and achievements for future. Sania is an inspiration for those who want to achieve something big in their life.   



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