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The Misery Faced by Working Mothers

Motherhood refers to the state of being a mother. It is characterised by a maternal bond i.e., the relationship between a mother and a child. Being a mother, especially in the Indian society, comes with great responsibility and expectation. A mother is expected to be an epitome of sacrifice and selflessness. Our society is a very judgmental. It offers a lot of respect to those parents, specially females, who give up on their careers and goals after being a mother. Career-oriented women often fall prey to social stigma and guilt. They are tagged as selfish and self-centred just because they choose to focus on their career simultaneously. These women often face these forces at their workplace even before the child is born. The misery starts exactly the first time when the woman visits a doctor. Many times, women are forced by the employer to take up the maternity leave despite their willingness to work. All these stigmas and expectations force parents to sacrifice their careers and happiness. As a result, parents usually start expecting from the children to fulfill their desires that they failed to fulfill and the legacy continues.

By: Anuja Arora


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