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The Most Prominent Historic Edifices Red Fort Houses

Red Fort is one of the most popular monuments of India. It is located in India and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Red Fort is famous for some it's prominent structures and although 66% of them were destroyed, there are some that still stands tall and invites in a lot of travellers from across the globe.

Mumtaz Mahal: It is one of the six palaces within the fort and is located within the women's quarters. It was built along the banks of Yamuna river.

Khas Mahal: It was the emperor's private residence and was decorated with white marble and floral embellishments. The palace is connected to Muthamman Burj, a tower where emperor would address his subjects or simply wave at them.

Rang Mahal: The Rang Mahal which can be translated into House of Colors was built to accommodate the emperor's mistresses and wives.

Hira Mahal: The Hira Mahal is said to have an interesting legend attached to it. According to it, Shah Jahan hid a diamond here for his first wife that was even more precious than Kohinoor. The diamond is not yet found.

Moti Masjid: Moti Masjid that translates to Pearl Mahal was built by Aurangzeb for his personal use.

Hammam: The Hammam is used for bathing by the emperors. It had hot water and perfumed rose water flowing through the taps.


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