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The Movie Magic Is Not Solely Based On The Newest Technology

Pier Vittorio of the London Business School published a study named, "Drawing Snow White and Animated Buzz Lightyear: Technological Toolkits Characteristics and Creativity in Cross-Disciplinary Teams" that researched 218 animated movies that are produced in the United states and release in the theatres between 1978-2012. In around 60 years of animated movie making from the first animated movie titles Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to hits such as Coco, Shrek, Toy Story etc., there have been advances in animation technology as a whole but his study has proven that using latest technology in the film does not always assure the creative success of the film.


With the films he studies, he paid attention to the core production team that consists mainly of the producer, writer, editor, director, production designer, director, composer and art director. After this step, he identified the technological tools and expertise of each of the member. He also recruited 2 of the expert critics that have extensive experience in the movie review. They worked independently and anonymously to provide ratings to the movie for the creativity score. They found that the creative success of the movie happens when the team utilizes new technology as the primary animation tool along with the most common or widely used tool like in Toy Story where the team paired the new computer graphics tool along with traditional cel animation.


By: Neha Maheshwari

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