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The New Year Festival: Losar

Losar is a Tibetan word which translates to New Year in English language. Losar is known as a famous event that signifies happiness of farmers of the North East Indian state of Sikkim. The date of this gala festival mostly comes in the month of February (more precisely, the 29th day of the 12th month of Tibetan lunar calendar year), providing all the farmers the much-needed break to rejoice the fruits of their patience and hard work.

Additionally, celebrations for the same begin more than a week before, gripping the entire state in the mood of festivities and merry-making.

It is true that while Losar is a much-awaited festival for the locals, it is also looked forward to with the same exuberance by many cultural enthusiasts and photographers worldwide.  Every year the photographers eagerly wait to get a closer rendezvous with the lively culture and traditions of this little gemstone of North East India.

As per the history, Losar festival was started before the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet and its neighboring regions such as parts of India, Bhutan and Nepal. According to the believers, this festival used to celebrate as a winter ceremony which involved offering of huge quantities of anger to soothe local deities and drive away negative spirits.

By: Ms. Priyanka Negi

Content: Wikipedia


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