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The Next College Student Athlete

“American Exceptionalism” is an expression that is often used to mean that the United States has a way of doing things differently. Well when it comes to sports it goes without saying America does it differently. One cannot ignore the fact that the intercollegiate athletics in the United States is much different from other countries. In most other countries, college athletics are mostly organized in a student club basis, which offers the scholars a recreational respite from the routine intellectual rigors of studies.

The highly competitive sport rests on private clubs outside the college limits. However, in the United States from very early day’s sports has been part of college curriculum and is much embedded within the educational institution. Universities promote different kinds of scholarship for sports across universities in the United States. Next College Student Athlete is the largest and the most successful athlete recruiting network in America. There are great numbers of sports scholarships from Basketball Scholarship, Cheerleading Scholarship, Cross-country Scholarship, Football, Gymnastic, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball etc. The list is quite long. The NCSA has a comprehensive approach that addresses every phase of recruiting athletes. They work in tandem with the parents as well as the student to understand what kind of picture they envision. Academics also are a major and essential part that is looked into. The NCSA actually makes a profile with all the necessary details and help the student athlete connect to different colleges and help them explore college options.

By: Madhuchanda Saxena


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