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The Parenting of the iPad Generation is a Real Task

Children can really take the learning benefits out of technology, only if, parents use it the right way. Parents are receiving mixed messages about the impacts of technology that has confused them. On contrary, technology is crucial for children’s future achievements and important part of their education.

The screen time has clear health implications for children like affecting sleep, preventing engagement in physical activities and rising obesity. Mental health issues, aggression and social isolation are other issues. The global expert consensus says that content and context will decide about the impacts of screen time. Content is what children watch and context is how they engage with what they watch. It is advised to parents that don’t get attracted towards meaningless “educational” sticker on apps, toys and shows.

A good content is known to be age – appropriate, free of stereotypes and violence. It is also created with developmental goals in mind rather than commercial concerns. The content is beneficial to children when it is accompanied by an activity offline or an active discussion.


By: Bhavna Sharma


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