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The “Pocket Dynamo” K.D. Jadhav

Mr. KD Jadhav who is well known as the name “Pocket Dynamo” is not a common name in the Olympic world. He was the first ever Indian Olympic medalist in an individual sport category who had won the medal when he was only 27 years old.

He belongs to a very small town Goleshwar in Satara district of Maharashtra. He was born in 1926. Physically he was very short in height and had a lean physique. Even then he has a track record of fighting with wrestlers much bigger in size and defeating them in a few minutes. Flyweight champion Niranjan Das was one of the people having bigger size and weight. Despite that KD Jadhav defeated him of 3-0 and qualified for 1948 London Olympics. After a long hard work Jadhav, achieved the first Olympic Medal in 1952 Helsinki Olympics in individual category. He became a sub-inspector in the Maharashtra and served India for 28 years. Jadhav is a live example of dedication and hard work. Being inspired by Jadhav People of Goleshwar built a five rings interlock Olympic sculpture at a public square there. He is one of the icons among the many great Indian wrestlers who have added to the great heritage in India which has always been carried forward by heroes like him. India has a glorious history of wrestling that has always motivated others and made the country proud.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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