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The Reason Behind China's Spring Festival Traditions

Chinese Lunar New Year has been celebrated for over 4000 years now. Let's take a closer look on the customs of the Spring Festival traditions:


This is the Chinese New Year's eve dinner where a lot of families get together to start out the festivities.

Chinese New Year's Eve

Chinese family clean their homes and decorate it with red and golden paper cut outs with auspicious symbols. Big family meals are held.

Chinese New Year's Day

There are many people who get up early and set off firecrackers on New Year's. It is advised not to do sweeping, take a bath or even throw out water as it believed to drive away luck.

Second Day

Couples visit wife's parents for lunch and for married ones, they bring back home some gifts anc lucky cash for their kids.

Third Day

It is time to get rid of all the wastes collected since New Years. It is considered unlucky to pay visits on this day.

Fourth Day

This is called sheep day and is considered auspicious. This is the day to invite the God of Wealth and he will celebrate his birthday on the fifth day.

Fifth Day

Firecrackers are set off in the morning to steer off five evil bad things away - evil, monsters, disasters, sickness and poverty.  

Fifteenth Day

It is also known as the Lantern festival. Temple fairs are common on this day. It marks the end of the celebration.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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