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Sailing as a sport includes different competitive sailing formats which are sanctioned through several yacht clubs and sailing federations. Various racing event disciplines include match racing, fleet racing, wave riding, speed sailing, team racing, etc. The matches are held between a pair of sailing craft, a fleet within it, or among various teams.

Further, specialized competitions which include speed records setting are also there. There are the point-to-point contests and closed courses conducted on the open ocean, coast-wise or sheltered waters.

Sailing competitions are held among multiple vessels is referred to as a regatta. It generally consists of several individual races, in which the best performing boat crew in the series of races becomes the overall winner.

A variety of boats including catamarans, small dinghies, large yachts, cursing boats, and race boats are used for sailing competitions.

The conduct of windsurfing, yacht racing, model boat racing, kite surfing, dinghy racing, etc is governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing. The International Sailing Federation is the governing body for World Sailing (WS).

At the competitive level, sailing is mentally and physically challenging. At the elite level, sailors have to be supremely agile, highly fit, mechanically aware, and tactically conscious.

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