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The Silver Medal Will Help Ease The Pain Of Rio Defeat - Yogeshwar Dutt

The bronze medal that Yogeshwar Dutt won at the 2012 London Olympics is all set to be upgraded to silver. He said that he was surprised when he first learnt about the decision and did not know how to react. After a long time of his return from a disappointing performance at the Olympic games in Rio, this news was sure a pleasant surprise. He lost in the qualification round to Russia's Besik Kudukhov.

Kudukhov lost his life in 2013 in Russia in a car accident. However, just ahead of the Rio games to be held, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to re-test the four-time world champion's sample that was collected from him during the London games. The re-test that was done is a part of the standard practice. The samples of the participants are now stored for up to 10 years. This enables the use of any advanced testing methods to find out any cheats at the games. The samples of a total of 5 wrestlers including those of Russia's Besik Kudukhov (60 kg) and Artur Taymazov's of Uzbekistan (120 kg) tested positive for the banned substances. In the case of Artur, the samples that were used for re-tests were collected from the Beijing Games during 2008. Artus is a gold-medal winner while Kudukhov is a silver medallist. Both of them will lose their medals. This means that Yogeshwar Dutt of India gets the silver medal.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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