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The Time Has Come For Tavares' Decision and The Rest Of The NHL

John Tavares' decision has kept the world of hockey waiting and the day has finally come when his future in the hockey will be announced. This would definitely shed some light on the future of his career. The future of NHL will either become thoroughly exciting or very dull depending upon the future of superstar John Tavares, who will be announcing his plans for free agency. If Travares announces he would like to interview for other teams, he would definitely be one of the top potential free agents in the NHL.

On the other hand, he could also opt for the path chosen by Steven Stamkos in 2016. He did chose to interview for teams but re-signed with Tampa Bay Lightning just before free agency opening. Another important decision that would come out of his announcement is that it will allow other teams to move on with their offseason plans. Every team would definitely want a shot at signing the 27 year old star. There is evidence that NHL is much excited about Tavares being on the free agency after there was just one significant trade during the first round of NHL draft. The reason is because everyone is waiting for both John Tavares and Ilya Kovalchuk to announce their decisions. It is pretty visible that when players of such talent will come loose, it will definitely affects the mechanism of the whole sport.

by: Neha Maheshwari


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