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The Ultimate Table Tennis 2018 Is Going to Be Very Exciting

Post second leg of the Ultimate Table Tennis League the RP-SG Mavericks and Dabang Smashers TTC are tied side by side. The second leg of the Ultimate Table Tennis League was held in Delhi from June 20 to 26. Although both the teams are on 48 points, but the Mavericks justifiably holds the top position as they have won all the matches in the league till now that’s why they have swapped positions with the Smashers.

In the first match of the second leg of UTT these two teams are fighting against each other. Ayhika Mukherjee has performed in the first two matches and the Mavericks have moved to veteran paddler Mouma for the third match. The Mavericks have won five out of ten singles matches till now and the Indian players including Harmeet, Ayhika and Mouma are performing fantastically. Harmeet has shined in the second leg as he has beaten Yoshida Masaki and ArunaQuadri in the last match of the Delhi log. The last match between the two teams was the closest tie of this leg. Both the teams are set to make their places in the Knockout phase of the tournament. The Ultimate Table Tennis’s third leg will be held from June 26 to July 1 in Kolkata with the semi-finals held on the last three days of the tournament.

By: Divya Thakur


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