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The Yo-Yo Score And Indian Cricketers

The Yo- Yo is one of the many endurance tests that a cricketer has to undergo so as to get selected. This test is a way to measure an individual cricketer's ability to perform repeated interval runs over a period of time, and this is done to record their level of endurance. Previously the players underwent a beep test which focused while the players ran continuously back and forth over a set distance.

However, in the Yo Yo which is more advanced the trainers get a brief breather between each set of runs. This makes it function like a Yo- Yo and that how the name came into existence. This entire Yo- Yo test is software generated test where the results get recorded. For this test cones are placed out in two lines with a set distance of 20 meters. The player starts behind the 5 meter marker, running 20 meters towards the final marker when instructed by an automated audio track. Once the player reaches the marker and on hearing the beep the player needs to run back to the starting marker before the next beep goes off. The player is then let an "active recovery period" which consists of 10 or fewer seconds to again run back to the original marker for the next run which is faster than the previous one. If the player fails to make it to the marker before the beep after each stretch over a particular time, a warning signal is triggered and incase they fail to keep up with the pace, it marks the end of the test. However, the Yo-Yo score for most international team is set higher than that prescribed for the Indian players.

By: Madhuchanda Saxena


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