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Thomas Edison’s Keys, Light bulbs Sold For $60,000 At Auction

An auction run by Heritage Auctions, Dallas, has sold the Keys to the New Jersey lab and some of the light bulbs perfected by Thomas Edison for over $60,000. The auction happened in Dallas where the keys sold for $10,625. Along with the keys, the bulb created by a German inventor was sold for $23,750.It has been claimed by the German inventor that he had invented the key before Edison did. Apart from the keys a set of five Edison bulbs used in a court case sold for $30,000.

As per the Director of the Thomas Edison Center in New Jersey, Edison had applied for about 400 patents, along with improvements to the glowing bulb, before he left for New York City in 1882. Thomas Edison was an American businessman, invented several devices that greatly influenced life around the world counting the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and electric light the bulb.

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