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Tie Break Tens Gains Major Success

Tie Break Tens is a new fast-paced tennis tournament that started off at Madison Square Garden. The game features 8 top world-class female tennis players that compete in rapid fire games. The tournament included players such as Serena Williams and Venus Williams. The tournament has gained some major traction abroad. With attention span of the audiences shortening, the sports managers are coming up with innovative ideas to help keep the fans engaged.

The idea for the game began in 2015 and is continuously expanding to new cities every year. As opposed to the traditional tournaments that can last for several hours, these rapid fire games rather allow the stars to be under one roof all at a time - something the fans would love to see. The game is described as everything you love about tennis in a one ten-point breaker. Most of the games last for maximum 10-15 minutes and the winner takes $250,000 prize money. Serena Williams also described the format of the tournament to be fresh and something completely different than the games they normally play. Tie Break Tens' Ceo also said that the tournament gives an opportunity to open up to something different and also exposes them to new audiences as well.

The motto of the tournament is not to replace the traditional tournaments though. It is just an opportunity for the organizers to attract new audience.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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