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Time Crystals Generated

Dubbed time crystals, a new form of matter, has been formed by the Harvard physicists. These crystals can offer vital insights into the puzzling behavior of quantum systems. Crystals such as salt, sugar or diamonds are interrupted provision of atoms in a three dimensional lattice.

On the other hand, time crystals take that concept of occasionally arranged atoms and add fourth dimension.  This suggests that under this condition, the atom display periodic arrangement across time.

Mikhail Lukin- Professor of Physics constructed a quantum system using a small portion of diamond, which was fixed with millions of atomic- scale impurities known as nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers.

The researchers then used microwave pulses to “kick” the system out of equilibrium, which caused the NV centers spin to flip at accurate time gap. This work is the main indicator of a time crystal. The work is explained in a paper published in Nature Journal.


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