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Top 5 Biathlon Moments OfPyeongChang 2018

  The Biathlon races at the PyeongChang 2018 gave its viewers some stunning displays of shooting and not so expected results. The cheers were definitely louder this time. Here are the top 5 moments of the Biathlon.


  • Benjamin Daviet winning 3 medals: Deviet came to represent France and hoped to win one medal but he went back home with 3 - 2 gold and 1 silver. He won the gold at the biathlon sprint and then in the 12.5 km race. He won the silver in the 15 km race.
  • USA's Gretsch and Cnossen wins gold: Both of them have never even won a race let alone win a gold medal at the Paralympics race. Gretsch was successful in beating athletes that were much more experienced than her and Daniel Cnossen did exactly the same and skied them to the gold medal.
  • Youngster Taras Rad wins his first gold: At the age of 18, Taras Rad from Ukraine was successful in hitting all the twenty targets and defeated talented athletes to make his way towards the gold.
  • Ekaterina Rumyantseva stunning debut performance: Rumyantseva took biathlon and cross country skiing as her competitions. She won two golds and one silver at her first time on the games.
  • Luk'yanenko gets his sixth biathlon title: The Ukrainian already had a total of 4 Paralympic biathlon medals in his pocket but he came to the games seeking for more. He was successful in putting two additional golds to his name by winning the impaired sprint and the 15km race.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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