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Gerard Pique, the Spain and Barcelona soccer has proposed a new World Cup-style tennis tournament this week. The world’s top players including Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic  and Rafael Nadal have all voiced their support for this proposal.

The soccer met with ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) chief Chris Kermode and others this week at the Madrid Open to discuss about his idea of establishing a 16-team knockout competition which would be held at a single place for more than 10 days.

Supporter Nadal, the 14-time Grand Slam winner, stated that the International Tennis Federation has been static for many years. With David Haggerty elected as the new president in 2015, they would definitely try new things. He also added that the proposal is a much-needed initiative for the fans and the circuit.  

Speaking in this regard, Djokovic, stated that the footballer’s interest in tennis is fantastic. The Serbian also added though tennis is a really complicated sport, the proposal is good for it.

World No. 1 Murray also backed Pique’s idea saying "I think it's a really exciting idea. If it comes off, I think it would be a really good thing for tennis."


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