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Trail Running: Workout With a View

Trail Running got its name from Western parts of Europe mainly United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Trail Running is basically hiking and running on the trails. The idea itself sounds so appealing. After all, who does not want to enjoy a little bit of scenery with their regular run. Escaping into nature's beauty is best for you in so many ways. It helps in giving you a little break from your normal life. It also gives your legs a little ease with the softer surface on the trail as compared to running pavements.

Number of people resorting to trail running over normal running have grown tremendously. Because of the natural, calm and serene setting of a trail, its momentous popularity comes as no shock to us. The benefits of trail running spans from mental and physical to emotional and spiritual areas of your life. Studies have shown that trail running can help in treating conditions such as knee pain, shin splints etc. in a much better way because force is less when feet hit the ground as compared to the pavements. And moreover, spending time with nature has some great mental and spiritual benefits. You will be able to connect with yourself.

Even though running on trails might seem daunting, it will make you strong overtime. So, do not let the starting experience refrain you from future trail runs. After all, it is just dirt!

By: Neha Maheshwari

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