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Try the “Shoe – Shi”: Art of Shoe – Shaped Sushi

There is a Sushi Chef who incorporates sneakers, street wear and pop culture icons into his edible creations. Chef Yujia Hu crafts raw fish shoes that are so tempting to eat and wear. He has prepared sushis from a single Air Jordan covered in Swarovski crystals to a classic Nike molded into the shape of an Italian spice cake.

He has created a world full of beautiful sneaker heads that has turned footwear into an art. Shoe – shi is known to be as the newest addition to the shoe as an art game. It is a kind of reverse engineering, basically a trend through which sushi shaped like sneakers are prepared. Yujia Hu, the sushi chef and illustrator is a sports lover and foodie. He has transformed tiny strands of black seaweed nori and smooth slips of pink fish. His mimicry of mainstream sneaker brands into sushis will leave one amazed.

By: Bhavna Sharma



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