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Tunnel under Mexico’s “Birthplace of the Gods”

In the ruins of Teotihuacan, the ancient city in Mexico, a tunnel was discovered in the year 2003. It was found beneath the Feathered Serpent pyramid. It remained undisturbed for 1,800 years. The passage consists of thousands of extraordinary treasures. They still existed at the same place as they were first placed as ritual offerings to the gods.

The items taken out include greenstone, crocodile teeth, crystals shaped into eyes, and sculptures of jaguars. One of the most remarkable findings was a miniature mountainous landscape. It was 17 metres underground and had small pools of liquid mercury to represent lakes. The walls of the tunnel were carefully infused with powdered pyrite or fool’s gold. It provided the effect of firelight. The archaeological site near Mexico City is one of the largest sites of world. The importance of these new findings will be placed in a major exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: www.theguardian.com



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