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Types of Hockey Played Across Globe

Hockey is such a sport which requires a lot of concentration and wit while playing it. It too has its subtypes which are played all over the world. The types of hockey are:

BANDY: It is played with a set of rules which are similar to association football. It is played over a football – pitch ice arena. It is considered to be the national sport in Russia.

FIELD HOCKEY: It is played on natural grass, gravel, or sand – based or water based synthetic fibers. Field Hockey appeared as its current form in England in mid - 18th century.

ICE HOCKEY: It is played on a large flat area of ice. It is the national sport of Latvia and national winter sport of Canada.

ROLLER HOCKEY (INLINE): It is very similar to ice hockey. Inline Hockey is a slight variation of Roller Hockey. Each team of Inline Hockey has 4 skaters and one goalie. 

By: Bhavna Sharma


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