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U.K. Air Pollution Plagues it Citizens

What is Air Pollution? A phenomenon, that has become a major cause of concern globally.

When air gets laden with a concoction of chemicals in the form of solid particles, gas or liquid droplets, causing physical, biological and chemical changes to the air, we term it as Air Pollution. Air Pollution is caused by emissions from our vehicles, factories and many other sources, directly or indirectly. These alter the physiology of Air which becomes harmful for all living creatures on earth, human and animals alike.

However, Air Pollution isn’t new to U.K. It goes as far back as the 13th century. The seat of Industrial Revolution, Britain industrialized itself over a period of more than 50 years, which resulted in major environmental consequences. The coal combustion from factories lead to air pollution, however, that wasn’t the only culprit. Hundred thousand people had open hearth in their homes and often burnt sulfurous bituminous coal adding to the pollution. At one worse point people walking on the streets couldn’t see their own two feet due to the thick smog. Those five days was called the ‘Killer Fog’ or ‘The Great Smog’ of 1952.

Coming to the year 2018, U.K has recorded alarming levels of air pollution. One month into New Year and London has recorded air pollution levels that have crossed its legal limits. According to reports toxic air has been the cause of around 40,000 deaths in the urban areas of U.K. However, strong measures have been taken up by the Government to tackle this menace.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena



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