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Unbelievable to Get Evidences from Saliva to a ‘Ghost’ Species

The history of evolution of salivary protein may direct towards interbreeding between humans and a mysterious ancient relative. Hints have been found by scientists in the saliva hinting that ghost species of archaic humans may have given genetic component to ancestors of people living in sub – Saharan Africa.

The research also suggested that sexual engagement between different archaic human species may not have been unusual. Omer Gokcumen, PhD, an assistant professor of biological sciences in the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences said that it seems that interbreeding between different early hominine species is a norm and not an exception. He said that their research tracked the evolution of a crucial mucin protein called MUC7 which is found in saliva.

When they peeped at the history of gene coding for that particular protein, they saw print of archaic admixture in modern day Sub- Saharan African Populations.

By: Bhavna Sharma




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