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Uncovered History of Jerusalem Tower Discovered

According to the archaeologists at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Jerusalem Tower is younger than previously thought. As per the recent discovery, the stones at the base of the tower were laid nearly 1,000 years later. However, it was previously believed to be assigned at 1,700 BCE by the researchers.

The archaeologists provided with conclusive evidence along with other things. The new results also highlight the contribution of advanced scientific dating methods to understand the history of the region. The recent research has led by Dr Elisabetta Boaretto Head of the Weizmann Institute of Science's D-REAMS Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory.

The team of researchers from D-REAMS lab began by planning and executing the field sampling and excavation from the beginning, together with the site archaeologists. Dr Boaretto also added that "Getting one's hands dirty is all part of building a reliable chronology". During the excavation, the lead researcher found several clearly-delineated strata. After that, the researchers carefully collected remains of charcoal, seeds and bones -- an organic matter that can be definitively dated through radiocarbon dating.


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