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Universal Design Studios Erect Temporary Power Of Art For Frieze New York

Universal Design Studies have completely renovated the venue for this week's Frieze art fair that is going to be held at New York's Randall's Island. It comprises of five giant tents that are oriented to bathe the interior with indirect light. There is a series of large white tents than one vast structure. This gives a complete new layout for the fair that is meant to be held this year. It opened for previews on 2nd of May 2018. The studios, which is the architecture and interior arms of UK design studio Barber and Osgerby, were the ones who rethought the venue after completing several others for the Frieze's London edition.

There are now a set of five adjacent tents that are lined up in a row and total for 28,000 square metres. The buildings are supported by repeated steel frames that are arranged perpendicular to one another. This arrangement allows the transparent and translucent panels in the ends to allow light into each space. Natural light will look good as the works are sensitive to direct sunlight.

Previously, there were entrances at north and south ends. But, now they are moved to sides as it would allow better movements during exhibition. The aim was to create a design that was navigable but at the same time, also allow visitors to wander and discover artworks.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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