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Unusual Asteroid Dodging the Largest Planet Jupiter

Astronomers have found a strange asteroid which is revolving around the sun in Jupiter’s orbital space. The unnamed asteroid is taking revolution from the opposite direction of Jupiter’s revolution. Astronomers said that such scene expects a collision between the two.

A study showed that this asteroid managed to dodge Jupiter tens of thousands laps around Sun. Astronomers used Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System in 2015 at Hawaii to discover it. Scientists noticed that asteroid moves in opposite direction of every planet. In fact 99.99 per cent of asteroids have shown opposite motion around Sun.

Other asteroids tend to remain away from the planets but this asteroid is playing a game of ‘chicken’ with Jupiter. Around 6,000 asteroids shares Jupiter’s orbital space. These asteroids either remain ahead of planet or remain behind the planet avoiding collision. Calculations showed that this unusual asteroid will safely find its unusual path for at least next million years.



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