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Upcoming Wrestling Event in Haryana

Great Khali, a famous name in the US- based World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to hold a show in Gurgaon on 8th October’16. Beside Gurgaon, the show will be held in Panipath on 12th October’16, stated the wrestler.


The Great Khali or we can say Dalip Singh Rana has challenged wrestlers to fight with him on Tuesday. While taking an Initiative Haryana Government has announced an exemption on the show from entertainment tax.


During an interview the Great Khali said that 35 wrestlers from India including ten men and four women from Haryana and Punjab will be participating in the challenge. Khali along with Haryana sports minister Anil Vij stated that 15 wrestlers from abroad will also be joining the show.


According to the Haryana sports minister the show will be sponsored by the Jalandhar-based Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE). CWE owned by Khali has done similar events in Uttarakhand as well.


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