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Use of Too Much Structured Knowledge Spoils Creativity

It is a very famous idiom that “Little learning is a dangerous thing.” Time has changed and so does the implications. Human activities are organised by structuring and implementing creativity; whereas, now a new research has proved that too much of the structured knowledge can spoil creativity. Many support the thinking that providing a good structure to the knowledge helps to cope with its complexity and boosts efficiency.

During the research, when a task was assigned to participants’ uses specific sets of information, they showed less creativity and flexibility in comparison to those who were to complete it without any specific given guidance. Those in the organized information group also spent less time on their tasks. People of raw mind have the ability to implement their ideas, creativity, and thoughts as per their own convenience and requirement of the work assigned to them. In this case there is a wide scope of experiment while if subjects are burdened with a lot of ideas, techniques and methodology then it hampers his/her efficiency. They feel themselves trapped in a boundary where there is no scope of showing their own creativity.  It cannot be said that training is not required; but, there must be a space of self motivation and self creation. It’s the time when people should be given chance to work in an innovative way rather than putting the fixed guidelines and techniques into their minds.

By: Anita Aishvarya



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