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Vast Coral Mountains Found in the Ocean

Scientists from the University of Sydney and Queensland University of Technology have found a wide sandbar behind Great Barrier Reef. According to the estimation these sandbars can be a sign of decreasing Ph level developing head under the ocean.


While unveiling the discovery the scientists have also accepted that they were aware about the reef’s structures since the 1970s and 80s but the extensive scale and the shape were not clear.


For the very first time the scientists have come to know about the actual shape of these great barrier reefs. According to the discovery, these sandbars look like an odd structure circular mountain. The newly found sand mountains each spreading across 200-300 meters and up to 10 meters deep have become the matter of further study.


The scientists said that the mountain like structures have been formed by Halimeda a genus of green Macroalgae. With going time these small flacks of Halimeda Bioherms build up into vast reef like mountains. In fact the scientists have analyzed the growth of these coral across 6000 squire kilometers area, from Torres Strait to just north of Port Douglas.


"The great reefs clearly structure a major inter-reef habitat which covers an area greater than the adjoining coral reefs," said scientist Mc Neil.

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