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The mental, physical and social benefits of playing musical instruments are widely known. But, a recent research reveals more surprising benefits offered by learning violin.

Young children who got violin training for at least one year had numerous benefits including better overall mental health and function, social skills, and sensory development.

They found that playing a violin aids children to fight psychological disorders. Further, those who had long-term high level musical training had an enhanced capacity to integrate information from sight, hearing and touch. Playing violin offers a conversational point; enhances self-discipline; and builds self-awareness, self-esteem and self-reliance. These make children well-adjusted and well-liked.

Teenagers who learnt violin had an increased sense of belonging because of the group attention, coordination and uniform dress which it required. Additionally, it presented them with the opportunity to release their feelings. They also received physical benefits like stronger upper body, better posture, and enhanced motor skills.

Adults who took violin training had reduced levels of anxiety, depression, and other health problems related to stress. It also enlarged their social circle. Furthermore, since violin playing calls for proper posture, individuals begin practicing improved posture at all times.



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