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Virat Kohli’s Vision of Sporting Culture in India

Sports play a vital role in our lives. They contribute not only in keeping our body healthy and free from diseases but also are a huge source of entertainment. In a recent interview with Times of India, the Indian Skipper, Virat Kohli revealed that he is extremely passionate for sports. He wants India to excel not just in cricket but in other sports as well. He wishes to bring up sporting culture in India. 

This shall help people in following different sports and games. It is expected that the upcoming decade will see an increase in the interest for sports among people in India. According to him, it is important that different sports gets equal media coverage as in cricket as it creates awareness among the mass. People learn about Indian players who are performing well worldwide. He stated that he wouldn’t have been where he is today, if the under-19 World Cup wasn’t televised. By telecasting the matches on TV people recognise talent and it builds their attachment towards the sport.

By: Anuja Arora


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