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Warner Bros Take Severe Measures Against Harry Potter Fan Festivals

Warner Bros is planning to take severe steps against the local Harry Potter fan festivals which according to them is an unauthorized commercial activity and there should be a halt to it. This started from the recent de-Potterization of a Quidditch tournament/ festival at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. Te thousand of fans who attended this popular festival were also contacted by Warner Bros for the details to make sure that no names or terms from the Potter franchise should be used outside unless Warner wants to do itself.

Warner Bros has always been grateful to know about the enthusiasm of Harry Potter fans but he is still concerned about the gatherings which use the name of his franchise for some unauthorized commercial activity.Earlier, a woman in the United Kingdom was sent a cease and desist letter for organizing a Hogwarts themed party with 30 guests on her list.One more incident, a LA book store named Whimsic Alley was sued for selling its Hogwarts wares, Chocolate frogs and Gryffindor scarves. The store was closed last year even when the suite was settled.

 By: Swati Kaushal


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