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Wearable Robot Improves Step Rehabilitation

The scientists from Beihang University in China and Aalborg University in Denmark have developed a helpful technology for paralytic patients. The researchers have designed the robot and named it a lower-limb robot exoskeleton. The researchers explained that this robot is wearable and look like a natural knee group to recover patients' comfort.

Moreover, the scientists added that lower-limb robot exoskeleton also improves people’s willingness to wear it for stride rehab. People suffering from stroke and spinal cord injury can be benefited through this technology as it strengthens their muscles.

The scientists also added that stroke and spinal cord injury patients can regain an ability to walk and can help in performing daily activities. Additionally, the researchers added that wearable “robot-assisted training” is rapidly rising as a technique. The team of scientists aimed to prevent knee joint, one of the most complex and critical systems in the human body. 


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