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Weird Cyclones - Jupiter

Men's curiosity to know the unknown with reference to astronomy began with Galileo peering into the other helm with his telescope in the early 1600's. Ever since then, the dramatic features of Jupiter including the colourful bands and the Great Red Spot has always caught men's attention.

Infrared images from NASA's Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter revealed that a cluster of giant cyclone forming geometrical pattern exists in the poles of the planet. Photographs showed an enormous cyclone,  2,485 miles wide in the north pole of Jupiter surrounded by eight more cyclones of similar diameter and another gigantic cyclone at the south pole ranging to 3,975 miles encircled by five more huge cyclones exists.

Though it would be wrong to say that this is the first study of it's kind as in past, similar cyclones were found to exists in the poles of Saturn as well, it would not be surprising to say that other planets in other solar system might exist with similar structure as well.

However, what make this revelation quite distinctive is how the cyclones persists staying close to each other without merging for not less than seven months and how clusters of these cyclones show perfect geometric pattern.

Nevertheless, the hunger to analyse more and reveal the unknown without taking much information from the earlier interpretation is what can be concluded from this article.


By Subrata Dey


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