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Weirdest Games Around the World

Toe-wrestling, underwater hockey, cycle balling, cheese rolling, giant pumpkin kayaking to name a few are some of the weirdest games played all over the world from time immemorial.

Cycle-ball - What makes cycle ball great that it hardly requires any special equipments. All it requires is a cycle, a baseball, a net. That's all the prerequisites of the game. As the rules of the game is quite similar to that of soccer, it can easily be played by anyone. Although the concept sounds pretty much weird, but actually Europeans had been playing this game since the 19th century and it was called 'radball' during that time.

Toe wrestling - We are pretty much aware of arm wrestling and as a kid must have also played thumb wrestling but must have never heard of nose wrestling or toe wrestling. However, amazingly toe wrestling championship is played in Derbyshire, England and England has remained champions for years. While the game is on, fighters place their big fat toe and tries to beat down the opponent's foot. Though men and women both can participate in the game, battle between the opposite sexes is not allowed.

Chess Boxing - Well, chess is a game of brains while in contrary, boxing is a game of brawn. One is a test of intelligence while the other tests strength. And a combination of both that takes place in a boxing ring is a game called Chess Boxing. Now is'nt that so much interesting.


By: Subrata Dey 


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