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Welcome To the Aoling Festival of Nagaland

Aoling Festival is celebrated in the first week of April every year by the Konyak Naga People in the Mon district of Nagaland. The Konyak tribe is well known because of their tradition of head hunting. Festival is celebrated to welcome spring and to pray for good harvest.

This tribe lives in the border between India and Myanmar and thus enjoys dual citizenship. This festival starts after sowing of jhum crop. It lasts for full six days. The first day is also known as Hoi Lah Nyih. All the preparations are done on this day. In fact the starting three days, tribe gathers firewood, collects vegetables and fruits and weaves new clothes.

The fourth day is the most important day. Tribe comes up dressed beautifully in their new traditional outfits. They sing and dance and remember their good old days of head hunting.  The last two days of this festival goes into cleaning the village and also their individual houses.



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