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What Can Be More Amazing Than Playing Water Basketball

A swimming pool is used as a court to the very unique sport i.e., Water Basketball. Water Basketball is a water sport which combines the rules of basketball and water polo. It consists of six players in each team. The team must shoot the ball at the goal within a certain time after gaining possession. Water Basketball was started in Tasmania in September, 2003.

It started as a demonstration game between two teams made up of Hobart Chargers, Hobart Hurricanes, Tassie Devils football team and the Tassie Tigers Cricket team. The further development to this sport was done by The Hobart Aquatic Centre to make it more recreational. At least three players are females in each team on field along with a maximum of four additional substitutes. Then players pass the ball down the pool to their goal end. The goal end is a hoop which is very similar to basketball.

The Italian Federation of Basketball recognized the sport as a form of basketball in the year 2005.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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