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What Does The Shape Of My Head Say?

Human body has evolved dramatically since we left the “cradle of life” that started in Africa and journeyed throughout the Earth. Researchers and more vertically shaped while the ones found in Egypt have a more horizontal structure. Some found are quite pointed or rounded. The human DNA plays a big role to play in the manner how the skull topography formed. However, it has been found that human also engaged in forcibly altering the shape of their head by method called cranial binding.

The Ancient Peruvians practiced cranial binding of babies to give their head a specific shape. Two different ethnic groups of people practiced different type of head binding. The Collaguas practiced head binding to get a more elongated head shape while the Cavanas tried to get their heads look wide and squat.

This head shaping was a definite sign of affiliation to a particular group and may have encouraged unity amongst elites and increased political cooperation. It has been found from study of the bones, the ones with elongated head ate a broad variety of food. Simply put this group seems to have held a favored place in the hierarchy as their bones revealed less evidence of physical injury which could have been possible for the care and comfort they received due to their high status.

Phrenology or the study of skulls have always intrigued and fascinated the researchers and scientist over the centuries. However, it now is a discredited theory. Phrenologist believed that the head would grow the more you exercised your brain, which kind of sounds funny.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena



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