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When Tennis Became a Treatment

After going through the tedious radiations and chemotherapy sessions, Nitin Ramcharan was left weak and drained of all energy. To get back to being his normal self Nitin decide to play tennis again.

Even while his treatment was going on he felt peaceful when he was on court with the racket in his hand. He said that being there he felt as if he was back to being the competitive and high-ranked Mid-Atlantic player in the junior category, before he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. It is a type of malignant tumour, which mostly exists in children.

According to his brother Nikhil, tennis has helped Nitin be calm, motivated and always look forward to better things in life. He believes that the sport was the main reason for his brother to get the strength to go through the tough time.

To give him the required courage and determination, Nitin Ramcharan was invited to spend a day with players like John Will in March’2015.

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