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Why a Sight Screen is So Important in Cricket?

In Cricket, a sight screen is an apparatus which comprises cloth or canvas that is stretched across a board. The board is made of wood or sometimes of another material. It is positioned on the cricket field. Basically, two sight screens are actively placed on a field during live play. Both are positioned at a short distance behind the boundary rope. 

One of the sight screens is directly placed past the bowler’s end or at the straight boundary from the perspective of a batsman facing delivery on pitch. The other sight screen is placed directly behind the batsman or at the long stop boundary. The sight screen is usually completely black or white in color. The function of it is to offer the batsman a clean sight of the bowler and his or her delivery. It also helps in sidelining the distractions so that spectators can’t even disturb the batsman.

The sight screen is usually black in limited overs matches such as One Day Internationals or Twenty20 Internationals which uses white ball to play match. The sight screen is white in test matches where cherry-red ball is used to play cricket.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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